Retrofitting a Traction Winch

Our hydraulic team recently executed a job to retrofit a 30 ton traction with storage winch for McDermott, a prestigious client of TTS Norway. TTS is a major marine crane & winches design and development company with whom we have a long standing relationship.

The job itself was successfully completed in record time of 25 days including commissioning. The 60 ton winch system was redesigned for 30 ton traction and 2 ton storage, with 3,000 meters of pay out rope length for a critical deep subsea operation. The winch is designed to be driven in speed mode, constant tension mode or towing mode with a load cell mounted on the main sheave and encoder for the wire count. Both the winches are driven by a 222KW in-house designed hydraulic powerpack unit (HPU). The 2 ton storage winch has been designed to store 3,000 meters of 36mm wire rope for sub-sea operations. Both winches may be driven locally using the mechanical speed lever mounted on the winch block, in emergency power failure both the winches can be operated with local manual lever for the pay-in and pay-out operations with minimal noise. PLC control to operate this too was designed and developed in-house.

Installation, commissioning and testing of the system on-board was successfully completed in Singapore and Indonesian waters by a team of our engineers and technicians.