GM’s Message

"NICO International can proudly boast to be one of the first professional marine & industrial engineering companies to operate in the Middle East and I am privileged to be the present custodian of NICO International which includes the marine & industrial engineering activities of NICO International. Established in the UAE in 1973 the organisation has served the marine sector in the Arabian Gulf, Indian Ocean and indeed the world for over 48 years. During this period the professionalism of the company has been demonstrated countless times and the reputation for good service, quality and expertise is stronger today than ever.

When we set out our vision and mission for the company we wanted to state as simply as possible our goals and ambitions. These are not meaningless words but a high level guideline on how we intend to run our business. We pride ourselves in being a customer focused organization and this is second only to safety on the priority ladder. The management system accreditations that we hold are not must have certificates to hang in the foyer; they are the back bone of our operation and fundamental to how we work. By monitoring our performance against demanding targets set throughout the organization we confidently maintain our standards and are able to demonstrate continual improvement.

Any company is only as good as its employees and NICO International has some of the best in the business. Many of the team have been with NICO International for many years and their skill level, dedication and loyalty are second to none. The success of NICO International is based on strong management leading an efficient team of versatile artisans capable of working in difficult conditions anywhere. When we say 24/7, we mean 24/7. And we also mean anywhere. The diverse range of services and OEM’s that we offer sets us apart within our industry. With the combined strength of our ship repair / maintenance, fabrication and industrial engineering capabilities - we can offer a full turnkey solution for all your marine & industrial engineering, maintenance, upgrade and conversion needs.

We look forward to serving you."


General Manager