About Us

NICO International, is one of the leading marine & industrial engineering company operating in the Arabian Gulf for more than 48 years. We offer unparalleled range of services within the maritime and industrial sectors and are regarded as a market leader in these areas.

As would be expected the corner stone of NICO International’s operation is supported by a comprehensive management system based on the latest ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. In addition to these internationally recognised accreditations the company is also managed through an extensive compilation of internal processes and procedures. Our management systems are fundamental to our operation and when we state that safety is our highest priority we mean it.       

The multitude of services we provide are set out in other areas of this web site but our primary expertise is in marine and industrial repair. This can be carried out either on board, on site or in one of our repair centres located across the UAE. Our large workshops in Dubai are supplemented by workshop facilities in Fujairah and Abu Dhabi. In Fujairah we operate a 200 metric tonne straddle carrier which is used to dock smaller vessels on the East coast. In Abu Dhabi we have a workshop from where we cater to the Marine & Industrial Engineering requirements in the Abu Dhabi region.

Although our hub is in the United Arab Emirates our customers come from all corners of the globe and we will go to all corners of the globe to support them. Our reputation for safety, quality and reliability precedes us and we are proud to be able to offer a range of services most of our competitors can only dream of.