Restoration of collision damage on USS Porter

We have undertaken challenging repair and conversion assignments and to demonstrate this legacy, executed an extremely difficult and time bound ship restoration project for US Navy vessel USS PORTER.

Job scope involved safety hazards which had to be mitigated systematically and clear the way for smooth access and restoration of damaged area. To quantify, the volume of steel involved was 30 tons and around 250 meters of Copper Nickel pipe work. The time frame for completing the job was 5 weeks including installation and testing of piping systems. The entire project was completed one week ahead of stipulated time schedule meeting stringent US NAVY MIL Quality standards.

The project involved constant interface and co-ordination between multiple agencies and functions which was professionally managed and executed by our ship repair engineer – and his professional team in an enthusiastic and safe manner. The US NAVY team on board the USS PORTER and their senior management have appreciated and applauded the entire project team of Nico International and its management in executing this project in a highly professional manner which demonstrates the capability and willingness to accept any challenging assignment. The members of the Nico International project team were awarded with letters of appreciation and recognition from the US NAVY during a ceremony which was attended by Senior Commanders of the US & UAE Navy on board the vessel.