Underwater Stern Tube Seal Replacement (2018)

NICO also successfully completed the Underwater Stern Tube Seal Replacement for UPE (Global Diving Services) B.V.
Salient features of the job:
  • In-situ replacement of stern tube seals without trimming the vessel to the bow.
  • Rope guard was removed to get access to the stern tube seal arrangements.
  • Arrangement were made to install flexible SEALDOCK® / habitat around the stern tube seal system.
  • After flexible SEALDOCK® / habitat installation provision was made to supply continuous low pressure breathing air into the habitat to push out the sea water providing dry conditions for the engineers to work inside the flexible habitat.
  • Bonding of seals was carried out by certified UPE engineers Following AEGIR Marine procedures.
  • Upon successful bonding / exchanging new seals, stern tube seal system was fixed back to original arrangements following AEGIR Marine procedures.
  • Rope guard was installed back in original position.
  • The job was concluded with Zero incidents, observations or near misses